Because we are a small home based hobby kennel, we have puppies available to approved homes only occasionally. When done responsibly, breeding dogs is not a money making enterprise, rather it is an expensive hobby.   Since we always hope to find a new show ring star in a whelping box, we reserve our right to retain for ourselves the puppies that, in our opinion, have a better chance to fulfill their job as show dogs.   

All of our potential buyers are carefully screened and we may refuse to sell a puppy if we do not feel that particular home satisfies our criteria.  As a general rule,  we do not sell puppies to homes that do not have secure fenced yards (“invisible fence” is not an option for beagles).  The wellbeing of our puppies is our number one priority.

Our puppies, both show prospects and family companions, come with written sale agreements.  Puppies that are not destined to be show dogs are sold on a non-breeding contract and with limited AKC registration that allows them to participate in all AKC canine activities except for conformation shows.  We make life time commitment for puppies we intentionally bring into this world –  if due to any reason a puppy or, for that matter, an adult dog cannot stay in the home he/she was sold to, he/she must be returned to us for re-homing.

We have  no puppies or adults available for placement. Wheen we breed next litter (sometime in 2019) the information will be posted on this page