Have you carefully considered the amount of time, expense and responsibilities involved in the care of a dog for 12 to 15 years?
Do all members of your household agree on purchasing this puppy?
Does anyone in your household have allergy to dogs?
How and why did you choose a Beagle over other breeds? What specific qualities of a Beagle are appealing to you?
Have you ever owned a dog(s) before and what happened to them?
What is your experience with Beagles and/or other Hounds?
Describe your family's daily schedule including who would be caring for your Beagle and what the typical day in the life of your puppy would be. How many hours will he/she spend alone?
Describe where you live (and where the dog will live), including size and type of house and yard, the type and height of fencing, areas to walk in the neighborhood, etc...
Does your family travel often and how the dog would be cared for during your absence?
Why do you need this puppy (dog)?
Who would you prefer (male, female, not sure)?
What color would you prefer?
Which of the following activities are you interested in engaging with your Beagle(Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Hunting etc.)?
Have you ever or would you consider breeding your Beagle (even if it is just one litter)?
Is there anything else we should know about you to help match you with a puppy?